Convergence Systems RTLS 2

Convergence Systems Limited offers a $3,000 RTLS starter kit including:

More information at RFID.Net here. It uses a variety of 2.4 GHz approaches. A good video is below. They get 1m accuracy in a line-of-sight environment with no clutter and lots of receivers. They get 2m accuracy in a “really cluttered” environment.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to assess how cluttered it is from the video since the video only shows a limited view of one corner of the indoor test area.

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2 thoughts on “Convergence Systems RTLS

  • Mike Mitchell

    This product’s accuracy is impressive for the 2.4 GHz band. It uses Chirp spread spectrum. Chirp is great for location determination because it provides a very stable and accurate Time of Travel. It was championed by Nanotron but abandoned as an alternative PHY for 802.15.4a precision ranging. The implementations I have seen are bi-directional and power hungry. But they avoid the synchronization issues and can do better than a DTOA system when using fewer antennas.

    I take issue with the statement that RSSI falls apart indoors. That is opposite of my experience in dense buildings. Theoretical RSSI fails outdoors because the slope of distance vs power is too flat. But a trained indoor RSSI typically beats a TOA system just because it can provide enough accuracy (5-10m) for much less since line of sight is not required.

    But where accuracy is important, I agree TOA is best and that chirp is an excellent way to do it in the 2.4 band. I’ts liable to be much more accurate than the DSSS of Wifi by itself.

    I know Louis Sirico and commend him for trying to provide some objective performance observations. Just be aware that the accuracy of any TOA system will suffer once LOS is lost. This product would be well suited for a factory environment.