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One fun aspect of working in a new technology is the harder you work, the better performance gets. The performance of Q-Track’s Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging indoor location systems just got even better. Bob DePierre and I started off in the ultrawideband (UWB) industry years ago – I designed antennas, and […]

Through Wall Indoor Location

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I’m delighted The Hidden Truth was selected as a featured novel in this month’s Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance Book Bomb. Click through for an outstanding selection of conservative and libertarian fiction from emerging and established authors. In appreciation and for further incentive, The Hidden Truth  will be available for only $0.99 […]

August CLFA Book Bomb!

I’m pleased to announced a special offer for ÆtherCzar readers and fans, courtesy of my publishers at Artech House.The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas is now available at a 25% discount direct from the publisher: For my US readers: $103 discounted from the regular $139 price For my UK readers: […]

25% Off The UWB Antenna Book! And Why You Should Buy It

For a limited time, the Kindle edition ofThe Hidden Truth is available for only $0.99, discounted from the usual $3.99 price. Check it out now to discover why L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise called it, “…the best science fiction techno-thriller since whatever Neil Stephenson’s last book was.” Also, I’m […]

The Hidden Truth – Now Only $0.99

This morning at 11:00 am, I will present a forum in the Embassy Suites Redstone Room at the 2016 Huntsville Hamfest. I will offer some answers to the question, “What is the Near Field?” This talk explains the near field, taking waves propagating along transmission lines as a starting point. […]

What is the Near Field?

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I’m honored and delighted to have been invited to Newcastle University by the Newcastle Electromagnetics Interest Group to speak on “Energy Flow in Reactive Fields,” Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 from 11am to 1pm at The Buttery, Merz Court, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Here’s the official flyer: And here’s […]

Energy Flow in Reactive Fields at Newcastle University

Another of my favorite YouTube Channels is The Engineer Guy. Chemical engineer, Bill Hammack, is a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He and his team produce short, remarkably informative videos on a wide range of interesting topics. Here are a few of my favorites: Bill details the […]

The Engineer Guy on YouTube

From the same folks who brought you the research on story shapes I discussed last month, comes a real-time readout on the Happiness of Twitter (click for daily update). Some observations are really obvious: Saturday tends yield the happiest tweets of the week. Either Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be […]

How Happy is Twitter Today?

Welcome to my blog, ÆtherCzar. I’ve written a number of books, including: The science fiction techno-thriller, The Hidden Truth, A textbook, The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas, and A historical study, The Biographies of John Charles Fremont. I post on a wide variety of topics, ranging from science fiction, […]

Welcome New Readers

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Never start a land war in Asia. Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line. Now I need to add another to the list: never submit a post on grammar Nazis to a subredit full of real-life grammar Nazis. I confused “capitol” for “capital” and “composed” […]

Another Classic Blunder

A “grammar Nazi” is someone who habitually corrects someone’s spelling or grammar to the exclusion of any other consideration. You know the type: “I suppose that declaration is OK, Tom, except it should be “unalienable rights” instead of “inalienable rights.” The original grammar Nazis were real-life, actual Nazis, and their […]

The Gruesome Fate of the Original Grammar Nazis

Delighted to be hosting my first Amazon Giveaway. If you follow my Amazon Author Page, you can be entered for a chance to win one of ten Kindle copies of my science fiction techno-thriller, The Hidden Truth. To enter – follow this link: Good luck! UPDATE: That went quickly! […]

#AmazonGiveaway – Follow My Amazon Author Page, Win my Book

He was one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist who created the very first nuclear reactor noted: “There are several categories of scientists in the world; those of second or third rank do their best but never get very far. Then there is […]

The Mystery of the Missing Physicist: Ettore Majorana

I’m honored and gratified by the many excellent reviews for The Hidden Truth. Of 21 reviews, 18 are five-star reviews and the remaining three are four-star for an overall rating of 4.9/5. Here are the latest: This is a good read. Gives you a lot to think about …, August […]

Latest Hidden Truth Reviews

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