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With the battle for Normandy threatening to become static warfare reminiscent of the First World War, the Allies have decided on a bold plan to break the stalemate. Called Operation COBRA, the plan (shown below) envisions an intense aerial bombardment on German positions, an infantry breakthrough to secure the breach, […]

WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 20 July, 1944

Simon, posting at Classical Values offers a preview of a book Modern Physics is Rotting. The author, Prof. Johan F. Prins, has developed some interesting theories on superconductivity that are having difficulty breaking through peer review. I’m not sufficiently competent in solid sate physics to assess his scientific claims. However, […]

Modern Physics is Rotting?

Under optimal conditions during daylight hours, direction finding (DF) accuracy could be as good as one to two degrees (300m at 10km range). [[1]] At night, however, the ionosphere reflects distant signals from over the horizon. The resulting “skywave” signals have a mix of vertical and horizontal polarization components that […]

RTLS: Adcock’s DF Array