The Czarina’s Baby Dipper Bowl and Feeding Set will be featured on Good Morning America’s Deals and Steals segment this morning. Experience true one-handed feeding of babies and help toddlers learn to feed themselves. Invented by a mom of two sets of twins, the Baby Dipper bowl includes a non-slip […]

Baby Dipper Bowl on Good Morning America!

Today’s post is on Minecraft, an engaging digital building block game, and Mine View, a wonderful application for viewing and analyzing Minecraft worlds. Originally a PC game, the mobile version for tablets and smart phones continues to converge to the performance of the desktop version with each new release. Minecraft […]

Minecraft and Mine View – The Minecraft Map Viewer

One great challenge in parenting is finding worthwhile educational videos. My kids prefer the zany antics of Phineas and Ferb to most anything with a wiff of being educational. That’s why I’m delighted to have found a great series that combines education with engaging entertainment for the whole family. How […]

How We Got to Now – Great Science for the Whole Family

Enter “baby bowl” into your favorite search engine. For the last couple of years, the top link has usually been The Baby Dipper Bowl. Why is this Mom-invented product the buzz of the blogosphere? Because Baby Dipper is simply a better baby bowl. And now, for this weekend only, you […]

This Weekend Only: 25% Off Baby Dipper Feeding Products

If you are new to ÆtherCzar, you may be wondering about the Amazon ad for the funky looking baby bowl in the right side bar. With the holiday season around the corner, it’s a good time to revisit the ideal gift for babies, toddlers, or new parents – the Baby […]

A Little Baby Bowl Makes a Big Difference

When I first heard about “Blinky Bugs,” I thought they’d make a perfect craft project for my twin girls’ sixth birthday party. Then I took a closer look at the complexity and delicacy of the assembly and realized it was beyond the skill level I could expect of my girls […]

LED Bugs: An Easy Craft Project for Children

The Czarina and I worked hard to select appropriate names for our children, and with both twin boys and twin girls, we had a lot of practice. Our name selection followed a few simple rules: Avoid highly popular names. Pick a top ten name and you pretty much guarantee your […]

Thoughts on Picking Girl Names

Last week, Wil Wheaton tweeted about a great post at “Roll 3d6 Six Times for Stats” from a father introducing his ten-year-old daughter to Atari Adventure. “What a great idea,” I thought. “My favorite Atari game! And I have two five year old daughters – five plus five equals ten.” […]

My Atari Adventure

Free range kids advocate Lenore Skenazy points out that telling children “don’t talk to strangers” can be dangerous advice. Sometimes kids find themselves in situations where they need help – they get lost, for instance. Skenazy’s advice: Teach your children they can talk to strangers, they just cannot go off […]

DO Talk With Strangers