I’m pleased to announced a special offer for ÆtherCzar readers and fans, courtesy of my publishers at Artech House.The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas is now available at a 25% discount direct from the publisher: For my US readers: $103 discounted from the regular $139 price For my UK readers: […]

25% Off The UWB Antenna Book! And Why You Should Buy It

This morning brings news that 5D Robotics of Carlsbad, California has acquired Huntsville-Alabama based ultrawideband (UWB) pioneer, Time Domain Corporation. Time Domain President, Rachel Reinhardt, writes: 5D has been a long-standing customer of Time Domain. We have worked closely and developed a cultural affinity and mutual respect for one another […]

5D Robotics Acquires UWB Pioneer Time Domain

Noted antenna engineer, Alan Boswell of Great Baddow, Essex, UK, died August 5, 2015 at Broomfield Hospital. His funeral was on August 20 at Chelmsford Crematorium. Should you wish to make a charitable donation in his memory, two charities that were close to Alan’s heart are the British Lung Foundation […]

Sad News: Alan Boswell Died August 5, 2015

One of the great pleasures of having written a book is hearing feedback from readers. I’m particularly interested in readers who have applied ultrawideband antenna ideas and concepts to solve problems with which I was completely unfamiliar. Martin Judd of High Frequency Diagnostics in Glasgow, Scotland has graciously agreed to […]

Kind Words and Interesting Problems

Professor Steve Holland of the Milwaukee School of Engineering is an expert on UWB antennas and broadband matching. He reviewed Chapter 4 of my book as I was writing it, and he provided me with helpful feedback and insights on matching UWB antennas. His conference paper “Wideband Impedance Matching Techniques” […]

Another Great Review for The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

Every signed copy of The Art and Science of UWB Antennas will come with a complimentary bookplate. Designed by Patricia Forrest and inspired by a classic design from 1950s science fiction illustrator Ed Emshwiller, the bookplate features equations and graphics from the text. Design elements include: Impulses combining destructive on […]

Unveiling the Art and Science of UWB Antennas Bookplate

Some distinguished early readers offer enthusiastic reviews for the revised second edition of The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas. “Schantz introduces time domain methods in antenna engineering and microwave techniques, which relate to ultrawideband signals in this expanded second edition. The book is delightfully illuminating, and includes well-researched historical […]

Enthusiastic Reviews for The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

Yesterday, UWB pioneer Time Domain announced their acquisition by a private equity group led by Bonaventure Capital and Fidelis Capital. Time Domain did not disclose the terms of the transaction. Additional details are available in a statement from the company and in coverage from the Huntsville Times.

UWB Pioneer Time Domain Acquired

I’ll be presenting my short course on UWB antennas at the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium (APS) in Memphis, TN on Sunday July 6. This is the first time I’ve been back to IEEE APS since 2007, and my short course includes some interesting revisions from the second edition of […]

UWB Antenna Short Course

[iframe:src=”http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?lt1=_blank&bc1=000000&IS2=1&bg1=FFFFFF&fc1=000000&lc1=0000FF&t=uwbantennacom-20&o=1&p=8&l=as4&m=amazon&f=ifr&ref=ss_til&asins=B0068URL6M” frameborder=”0″ width=”120px” height=”240px” scrolling=”no”] Next-RF’s Model 310C UWB Planar Horn Antenna is now available from Amazon. This ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna approximates a constant aperture. Thus, the time domain voltage signal closely approximates the time domain behavior of the incident fields themselves. In addition to use as a UWB impulse […]

Now Available from Amazon: UWB Planar Horn Antenna

DecaWave has joined the ranks of companies offering UWB-based real-time locating systems. Here’s a video showing a demonstration of their system. DecaWave RTLS and ranging demo – YouTube.

DecaWave RTLS Demo

This just in from Information Week (via Dwayne Hendricks, WA8DZP on Twitter): Ultrawideband Takes Us Closer To Star Trek Tricorders. Is it a miraculous UWB radar that monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol? Alas, no. It’s a UWB body area network. Ultra-wideband works great when you have lots […]

When You Own a UWB Hammer, Even Low Data Rate Problems Look ...

“Standard” gain horns are the customary way to make precision measurements, but they tend to make a poor reference against which to compare antenna performance, particularly for ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas. The ideal reference antenna for use with UWB systems is a linear phase antenna with increasing gain to approximate an […]

Introducing the 310C UWB Horn Antenna

Steven J. Crowley once again has an update on Experimental License Applications before the FCC. A couple of highlights include: ZAI filed an application with exhibit for special temporary authority to test an ultra-wideband (UWB) vehicle-mounted radar system for identifying roadside threats and obstacles. The hardware is manufactured by Time […]

Experimental License Update

Here are some RTLS news items of interest: Chinese plans to track cell phones raise concerns: Beijing to track people’s movements via their mobile phones – Computerworld. Hat Tip: @TheSchnack Skyhook brings location-awareness to the Sony NGP, including WiFi-only models — Engadget. Computer scientists develop smart, less obtrusive tracking system […]

RTLS Updates: Cell Phone Tracking, WiFi/NFER/UWB RTLS, and RFID

I’m participating in a panel discussion: “Ultra-Wideband(UWB) Technology: Past, Present, and Future” at the 2011 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium today, Wednesday January 19 at 11:50 – 13:00 in room Solana ABCD. Organized by Dr. Faranak Nekoogar (author of Ultra-Wideband Communications: Fundamentals and Applications), my fellow panelists are slated to […]

IEEE RWS 2011: UWB Technology- Past, Present, and Future

I’ll be presenting a paper, “On the Origins of RF-Based Location,” at the 2011 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium this morning at 8:00 in room Cira A. The paper collects together the pre-WWII material I’ve blogged about under the History of RF-Based Location category here at ÆtherCzar. This paper will provide […]

IEEE RWS 2011: “On the Origins of RF-Based Location”

The 2011 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium kicks off today in Phoenix, Arizona. ÆtherCzar will be live-blogging the proceedings. If you are in attendance, I look forward to seeing you around the conference and particularly at my three formal appearances (all on Wednesday): Paper Presentation: “On the Origins of RF-Based […]

2011 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium Begins

Armig Kandoian received U.S. Patent 2,368,663 for his invention of the discone antenna in 1945. The basic idea behind a discone antenna is to drive a circular disk against a conical ground. Kandoian was motivated by the problem of trying to mount antennas to aircraft. In alternate embodiments, Kandoian showed […]

Rolled Edge Discone UWB Antenna