I’m honored that The Brave and the Bold is being mentioned in lists of the best fiction of 2018. I make a point of recommending other authors’ stories I particularly enjoyed in the afterwards of my own novels. Here are a few additional great works of fiction I’ll recommend as […]

Best Fiction of 2018

I will visit Virginia Tech on Monday March 13th to give an EM seminar on “Energy Flow in Reactive Fields” at 1:00PM in the Whittemore 654 conference room. Slides: https://prezi.com/f_2md1molwhp Abstract:  Energy Flow in Reactive Fields Conventional wisdom treats radiation as a transverse kink in a field line and classifies the “near […]

My Virginia Tech Talk: Energy Flow in Reactive Fields

Hidden deep within the heart of London is a humble facade on St. James’s Square leading to 17 miles of bookshelves distributed through seven conjoined buildings. The London Library was born 175 years ago. One of the world’s largest independent lending libraries, The London Library never throws away any books, […]

Secrets of the London Library

Great links from the AetherCzar Blogroll: Milo Suspended On Twitter … Again! **UPDATE** Milo Reinstated …. Again! June 17, 2016 – Breitbart What Happens If GPS Fails? June 17, 2016 – Geek Press Where’s That Trump Third Act? June 17, 2016 – Scott Adams’ Blog LIGO has announced the December […]

Best of the Blogroll

Tomorrow, Saturday May 28, I will be presenting “So You Want To Be An Inventor,” at ATLOSCon 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. My previous talk, “So You Want to Be an Author,” took a holistic approach to authorship, including writing, editing, production, and marketing. My talk on inventorship focuses only on […]

So You Want To Be An Inventor

Some interesting links from the blogroll: The problem With SF May 15, 2016 (The Arts Mechanical) Small P*nises In Artwork May 13, 2016 (GeekPress) Charles IV: 700th birthday May 13, 2016 (The Reference Frame) Gruber & Rhodes: Lying Politicians Are Old News, But Bragging About it Seems To Be An […]

Best of the Blogroll – Monday May 16, 2016

At long last I’m done with my book so I have time to update my blog. I will be making some changes over the next week, so don’t be surprised if you happen across some formatting glitches. Also, I have a few comments pending to which I’ll respond soon.


Today, I am presenting a seminar on some diverse topics for the folks in the Antennas and Electromagnetics Research Group at Queen Mary University, London. Here are links to some slides: Three Centuries of UWB Antennas Near-Field Wireless Technology The Time Domain, Superposition, and How Electromagnetics Really Works A couple […]

Seminar at Queen Mary University, London

Some interesting new details are emerging on the Stuxnet virus and the damage it did to the Iranian nuclear program: Jerusalem Post – ‘Stuxnet virus set back Iran’s nuclear program by 2 years’ The Atlantic – Stuxnet? Bah, That’s Just the Beginning FoxNews.com – Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled […]

Emerging Details on Stuxnet

It’s been a busy month at ÆtherCzar, driven largely by interest in the soon to be released Atlas Shrugged movie and in full-body scanner technology and safety. The month began with a preview of John Aglialoro’s film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Part One of the planned trilogy is […]

ÆtherCzar: Best of November 2010

A few recent items of interest: St. Croix Systems is hosting a free 5-part educational webinar series on asset tracking using Real Time Location Systems. Four of the leading RTLS vendors in healthcare will present their solutions to give the audience a better understanding of how RTLS can support effective […]

RTLS, RFID, and Wireless Updates

Leonard Read’s classic economics essay “I, Pencil“ tells the story of  a simple pencil. By tracing the far flung and complex origins of this seemingly trivial device, Read’s parable teaches a powerful lesson: that the unfettered, distributed wisdom of the market trumps the abilities of any centralized controller or regulator. […]

The Story of the Pencil, I Mean, Potato Chip

Not exactly… A friend of mine working in China reports his company bought ten pounds of bananas for each worker from nearby farmers. That not only helped out the farmers (who are also the company’s customers), but also provided a nice bonus for the company’s workers. The bananas appear to […]

Chinese Engineers Work For Bananas?